The Stoop: Venice Beach Cottage Food Operation

The Stoop is a Cottage food operation (CFO) based in Venice Beach, California. Just off the bustling board walk, around Windward Circle, lies The Stoop; A pop-up CFO that sells vegan organic cookies.

The goods are made with organic ingredients, some of which grown on our family farm in Custer, Michigan. The family recipes are almost 30 years old and originated in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We made small modifications to the recipes to make them Vegan.

Kyle & Wesley Stuart, two of Stuart Family Organic’s family members, own and operate the CFO. The Cottage Food Law was Passed by Governor Brown in 2012 which allows individuals to prepare and/or package certain non-potentially hazardous foods in private-home kitchens referred to as Cottage Food Operations and sell these items directly to the public through face-to-face sales.

We recognized the opportunity to supply the local surf community with our organic baked goods, and The Stoop was born. After a little construction and paperwork we opened to the public on Christmas Day, 2015. The operating hours for The Stoop can be found on our Calendar. Hope to see your face soon!

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